Have a look at what some of our current & previous members have said about their coaching experience

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Struggled with auto-immune disease for years. I had hit a plateau in my business, and even though I was growing I had a lot of mindset issues. I have been in direct sales for 5-6 years, but it was not until a year and half into my new business I realized I need help to scale it. I have worked a lot on mindset and my team has grown by double since I started working with coaches.

NOTE: Also hit 6-figures while coaching with me.

Lindsay W.


I joined Rankmakers to get to work done and be accountable. I loved the community, training, and the mentorship . I knew that I wanted results and I made a commitment to go All IN . I joined inner circle to be able to grow, work with a coach and to learn more. My coach Jennie was a God sent, I didn’t even know how to follow up, let alone my new vision, team culture, promotions etc. NOW the culture I’m my team is amazing, they are self motivated. We have a team Facebook page, introduced weekly team trainings, have team social events on sundays. This is a huge shift as the team has come together from multiple countries. I’m going for 20 No’s daily . Im prospecting daily to a minimum of 50 people. Doing follow up to at least a minimum 50 people a day.


Before inner circle I was hiding behind the team activity. I was very inconsistent and never followed up with anyone. Now I’m clear where I’m going . I have implemented what you taught me about products, team culture and auto ship. My team is winning and rank advancing. Ive rank advanced again. It’s been awesome for me to rebuild the relationship with my team and to see them excited again. I make over 100 calls a day and yesssssssssss it been an amazing journey.

Thanks Coach Jennie, you’re the best

Dinah M.

Honestly, the coaching has been a total game changer for me. My coach brought insane energy to each call. In just 6 sessions I have done in my business what has been on my dream board for a long time. I hit my car bonus 2-months in a row. She really heard me from the very first session. She heard what I needed and she addressed it. The 100K Inner Circle was an answer to my prayers! I experienced a total shift in mindset that was exactly what I needed If anybody wants Inner Circle coaching, go for it! It is worth it, you will absolutely find the right fit.

Jennie P.


In December 2016, I started my first networking marketing company. In November 2017, I was introduced to another business and enrolled. It was a tough decision, but I decided to start over. Glad I did! With the first company, I made $1400 in 10 months and spent $3200 on product alone. Not to mention all the driving, coffee dates and lunches. With company 2, in my second month/December, I made $1153 and rank advanced twice!! I've purchased zero inventory and plug people into webinars. I'm so grateful for this program and my wonderful coach who I love to pieces!

Best. Decision. Ever. I'm super confident I've shaved years, frustration and stress off the process. Ray talks about the 80/15/5... the coaching programs are for 5. It's beyond worth the investment.

Michelle A.


Before Inner Circle, I was working all the time, but not getting the results I wanted (not even close). I knew I wanted to break through my blocks, but didn't know how to do it. I was doing well with customers but not recruiting like I wish and my recruits weren't taking off either.Now I have much more confidence and posture. I am attracting vibrant people. People are saying yes to party invitations- of two guests at the last party, one wants to order (& possibly do business) and the other wants to do the business. My newest team member went from "maybe I'll just fold this into my clinical practice" to "I'm IN!" She is running into her fast start with lots of coaching from me. I am joining lots of FB groups and making friends there, learning how to convert friends to business contact and slowly getting the discipline to do those cold contacts on FB daily. I do love meeting those new people!I am beyond grateful for the teaching, coaching, mentoring and support! The coaching staff is awesome! Thank you to the coaches and all the Inner Circle members too!

Janie C.


I made my first sale from a short-form video while I was sleeping with only 300 followers. Many more since then and I’m in conversations with potential business partners. Watching Power Mind several times it sunk in that meditations were important. I started doing those early this year and I believe that has also accelerated my personal growth. My breakthrough from shrinking was when Ray pointed out where that was coming from.


In the past, I had a couple of people very close to me who was very narcissistic and who made me feel small and feel like I couldn’t do anything well. He helped me see that my pain is my mission. That is who I speak to now when I do live videos and yes, I am finally starting to get more consistent doing lives. I am so incredibly grateful for the Inner Circle, for my coach, and for Ray and Jessica. I’m a completely different person than I was at RML2020 and it’s because of them. I have added 15 customers in just over two months because of IC.

Rachel F.


I was so pleasantly surprised to find that not only is the coaching efficient but they also care so much about your vision, your success and helping you get from where you are to where you want to go. Higdon's coaching team really helped me understand to keep things simple, passionate and fun

Jennifer R.


In April 2019 and joined RankMakers shortly after in May. I knew I wanted coaching, but money was tight and we already had a lot of credit card debt and could get on the same page with my husband. When Ray announced the Guided goal power group in January 2020 I knew I had to join and make it non negotiable. Through that I was able to show my husband how it helped me and signed up for 6 months of coaching with inner circle. I learned so much with coach Kaylee, but my biggest takeaway was nailing down a DMO that allowed me to work my business more efficiently and the number of people I prospected was almost twice as much and the number I followed up with during that six months more than doubled the previous six months.


NEXT I attended RML and the training was incredible and it lit a fire and fueled me and I was able to sign up for coaching again. Now with my AMAZING coach Jennie Potter working down in the sub level we are cleaning stuff out Since signing up the second time I have consistently earned a 4 figure paycheck! I have rank advanced, earned a dream trip with my husband and with the time management skills I've learned along with the mindset piece I've been able to run multiple parties a month without feeling like I can't function the next month.

Rachele B.


Before this coaching, I felt lost & literally felt paralyzed in how to proceed in my business but continued to feel strongly that this opportunity was in my life for a purpose bigger than me. I had began to rebuild my brand but needed extra help and training on how to prospect, post and close successfully.

With this coaching, I am forever grateful! It is giving my confidence, tools, knowledge, actions, consistency, and so much more. I absolutely love the approach and have reached out to more cold prospects in the last month than I ever have in the past two years! I can't wait to continue to grow from all of you. Beyond blessed to have this in my life and be on this journey. Can't THANK YOU enough Aubrey, Ray, Jessica & Team!

PS- I just signed my very first cold prospect on IG!!

Kim K.


Things are happening! Since the day I committed to this coaching program I'm finding either...I'm being presented with opportunities that I can seize that are way outside of my comfort zoneORI'm having others present me with challenges to grow my business which are out of my comfort zone.It's scary and I like it!

David O.


I just want to give a shout-out to the coaches on Ray's team... and to us for choosing so wisely!I have gotten more value and understanding from this training program than from anything else I have been apart of. Quality plain and simple with tremendous integrity. You are all appreciated for all you do! Thank you!

Leslie H.