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We're Here to Help You Move Forward

Our coaching staff has over 27 years of experience in the network marketing space and a pile of success stories to back them up. They'll motivate you, encourage you, and show you

the path toward success.



I was a burnt-out and coupon clipping personal trainer, PE teacher, and girls basketball coach trying to make ends meet.  I wanted to make such a bigger impact, but didn’t see how it was possible without working from dusk to dawn.
When I signed up for Inner Circle, almost immediately I made my first little extra that I had never made in over a year of prospecting. I simply was awakened to the fact that the impact I would make was more important than the fear latching me down. Within 3 months of my Inner Circle coaching, I had earned my first four figure paycheck and rank advanced twice. 
As a coach I have been able to help coach hundreds of clients to create duplication they never thought was possible in their own teams. During this year alone, one of my most recent clients hit over one million in volume, and duplicated over fifty rank advancements in just one weekend. 
The area of expertise I am most passionate about is mindset. When you really understand how powerful YOU can be...yes YOU. When you have a clear vision of what you can accomplish with small details of precision, a world of possibilities is opened up to you.
When I’m not climbing mountains with my husband, you can probably find me training my own team on how their own fear and procrastination is the only thing holding them back from the spectacular views at the top. Or watching a relaxing sunset poolside with my husband and only smiles of gratitude on our faces.



I am a retired US Naval vet, married with five grown children. I have a background in auto-sales and advertising sales. I worked my butt off in both and have earned a six-figure income. However, at month's end I was left wanting more, I felt empty.
I was introduced to MLM 29-years ago and fell in love with the concept. I did everything wrong although I understood the concept like so many I stumbled thru business building like a bull in a china shop. Never, could make the impact or get the results my heart yearned for.
After many failed business attempts I decided I needed to find something that would adjust me so I could win. I needed to make an impact for “me” and feel like I could leave something behind when I left this planet.
I decided if I was going to play, I had to play big. I decided to go to RML in Oct 2019, I had no idea this decision would be life-changing. At the RML 2019 event, I enrolled in coaching. I HAD TO PLAY BIG now.
The decision to go to RML and then enroll in coaching has given me the opportunity to work as a coach, impact lives daily, and fill that empty place in me. My daily commitment to show up is evident in being one of the top customer getters in my company and being recognized at our recent company event.
When I’m not impacting lives as a coach I enjoy cycling, spending time with my heart, my wife, crafting, binge-watching movies, and parking lot dates after getting drive-thru.

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Jennie Potter lives on Vancouver Island, in Canada with her husband and two children. Before finding Network Marketing she had a private counseling practice and worked in the Social Services sector assisting people in working through their blocks and living their best lives. 
When she found Network Marketing she did it all wrong but felt like she had finally found her tribe. In 2017 this closet introvert searched for ways to expand her business online and find simple solutions to help others do the same!
When she discovered Ray Higdon's proven methods to building a business online and joined his Facebook Community, RankMakers...everything changed. Here and with an Inner Circle Coach she learned tangible skills to build her business on social media. 
In less than 2 years she went from struggling with her online presence to being recognized as her company's 2018 Promoter of the Year.  Excited to share what she learned in RankMakers and inspired to help others grow she became a Higdon Group 100k Inner Circle Coach and Higdon Group Speaker, she has become a leader and trainer with her company. Jennie is a great coach because she works with people to create a daily method of operation that fits their life while working on underlying limiting core beliefs.



Carrie Marie is a wife and a mom to three grown children who has lived in upstate, NY, out in the country her whole life. She has three cats and enjoys walking, hiking, crafting, horseback riding, reading, and learning.

Carrie Marie is passionate about helping others feel amazing and live fulfilling, happy lives. She’s the host of the Holistic Mama Speaks podcast, and author of the book, Mom Mantras, The Daily Affirmation Guide for Moms of All Kinds.

Carrie Marie dabbled in different network marketing companies off and on for over 20 years, mainly as a hobby or for product discounts. In early 2020, she decided to start a network marketing business for an additional stream of income. She felt blessed when given a book recommendation not long after, Freakishly Effective Social Media for Network Marketing by Ray and Jessica Higdon. That book helped her kick start her business on Facebook and intrigued her to learn more about Ray, Jessica, and Rank Makers. After a little searching, Carrie Marie found a funny video with Ray in a wig running after Jessica. It was then that she knew these were her kind of weird people, and it was then that she joined Rank Makers.

Watching the Ray Daily training videos, taking daily action, and submitting tracker results for a couple of months, Carrie Marie bought tickets to Rank Makers Live 2020 to learn even more from this amazing group of people. She decided to invest in Inner Circle Coaching and was paired with the amazing Coach Jennie Potter.

The personalized coaching, not only helped to improve her business, but more importantly, it helped her shift her mindset, get passed self-sabotaging thought patterns, and helped her to start to grow as a person.  Carrie Marie is now honored to be a part of the coaching team and help others on their own business and personal growth journeys!

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Mariela Quintanilla was born in Honduras and lives in Miami, FL. She currently pursues her career in public relations and does her network marketing business part time in free spaces between work and
family that includes her 5-year-old son.
She joined Inner Circle during Rank Makers Live 2019. Before Inner Circle, Mariela did not have a team or a system to implement and had low prospecting numbers each week. Through the guidance of her Inner Circle coach, she has been able to grow her business with new team members and new customers,
has established a system for her team and has been able to produce big prospecting numbers each week. Her biggest months in her business have been achieved in 2020, and Inner Circle coaching has
played a big role in this achievement.
Her inspiration in the business has been her mother, who is also her sponsor, and her dream is to help the Latinos achieve their American Dream using network marketing as the tool to achieve it. That’s why
she’s excited to have recently joined the Higdon Group as an Inner Circle Coach supporting the Spanish-speaking Latino community and those who wish to learn from Ray and Jess.



I joined network marketing in 2018 while working full-time as a patent attorney for a global high-tech company, and despite earning a multiple 6 figure salary I was looking for a way to help clear debt from building our dream home. 
I did not find fast success and in my first month I made only $27. I started off wanting to fly under the radar because I lacked confidence and belief in myself. I joined Inner Circle as a coaching client in 2019 and that gave me a solid DMO, a changed mindset and for the first time ever a vision and permission to go after my dreams. I  found my voice and through coaching gathered enough confidence to audition for and win the reality TV show, hosted by Ray and Jessica Higdon, called Play to Win. 
I am steadily climbing the ranks in my business, and recently retired from my corporate career in order to spend more time with my two young boys. My mission now is to free other people from those feelings of not being enough so they can live a life they cherish. 
Coaching short-cuts time. Never in a million years did I think I would have been able to achieve what I have in 2 years, and now it is my honor to be coaching new clients to help them move towards their goals.



Kim has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has created several 6-figure businesses.

While working in corporate in 2009, she was attracted to Network Marketing while searching for a way to be home with her kids and have a thriving career.

Prior to working, Kim played basketball in college and in Europe. Sports taught her about the power of consistency and teamwork.  In 2020 her business felt like it was at a standstill, and she decided to work with Ray Higdon. Joining the Top Earner Coaching Program that year became a huge transformation year that focused on developing a stronger team culture, leveraging better systems, and strengthening her mindset. The best part is that this trickled over to her team, and her business increased by over 30%.

Kim is a coach at heart and most enjoys helping people create income, impact, and design the life they desire. She is excited to pass along all that she has learned to her Inner Circle clients to help them stay inspired, in action, maximize their time, and expand their business.



I grew up in a small town in Wyoming and left for the military when I was 18. In mid 2005, I deployed to Africa on a humanitarian mission and finished my education in 2011 just after returning from Iraq. 
In 2008 I was introduced to my first Network Marketing opportunity and came across Ray and Jess in 2010, when I was in Iraq looking to build my business online. I didn't have much success because I was "half in, half out." I never really did commit. Rank Makers came along in 2017 and I was a part of the first wave. Still didn't commit. At the end of 2017 I joined Ray's Inner Circle as a student. I became so consistent after that I then was asked to be a coach. I'm honored to say that it's been almost 2 years as a coach, and I have helped many people create incredible success in their careers. One of the things I would say that I focus on most with my clients is doing the internal work necessary to create the success they deserve and duplication. I love creating duplicatable processes.
I currently reside in Southern AZ with my wife, 2 sons, and 2 yellow labs. I still have a corporate IT job, love coaching my IC clients, I'm still in the AF reserves, and after 12 years I still build my network marketing business. I'm passionate about creating passive and semi passive income outside of Network Marketing. Hanging out with my kids, camping, fishing, traveling.



At the age of 18, DJ Barton realized going to college and getting a job for an hourly rate was not going to serve him. While he was figuring out what to do in his life, he was introduced to network marketing. DJ had never done anything in network marketing, nor had he even heard of anything like the business he joined. He immediately fell in love with the idea of making money on his terms while having the freedom to live life the way he wanted. He already had a great work ethic and just needed to channel his ambition into something that inspired him. He wanted something that would pay him in equal proportions to the blood and sweat he was willing to invest. More work should equal more money! Fast forward to today, DJ's hard work has paid off; establishing him as a top earner in his company. His success has allowed him the opportunity to help thousands of others achieve varying levels of financial independence! DJ believes the keys to success are having the right tools, systems, leadership, and most importantly, the right mentors and support! When you tie all of this together, the opportunities are endless.

DJ understands for things to change, YOU have to change. For things to get better, YOU have to get better. In order for your outer game to grow, we have to work on your inner game first. It’s hard to see the picture when you're in the frame. Having a coach brings it all into focus and can help you write better chapters of your future life!



Hello.  My name is Amy, I’m a wife to my amazing husband, mom of 3 boys, former foster parent and ex-hot mess express woman. I have been guilty of overloading my plate, having multiple ideas going at once but never completing one and my mindset was: the more you work, the more you earn. 

I was randomly introduced to network marketing while working 70-80 hour weeks, parenting my boys while my husband worked nights and leading up to the chaos of the holidays.  I was spinning all my wheels, getting results but literally working all the time, barely sleeping and what I was doing was not duplicatable.  Ray Higdon was speaking at my company convention, so I did some research, stumbled upon RankMakers and immediately loved the simple guidance each morning.

Fast forward a couple months and I called about the Inner Circle coaching.  I wasn’t ready at the time to fully commit so I spent 6 months preparing and I knew the time was right the minute it was brought up and that silver envelope landed in my hands at RankMakers Live.

Since joining Inner Circle, I have become such an amazing person, wife, mother, and leader.  My business has grown immensely, my team is duplicating, I’ve earned multiple trips but most importantly, I have found a way to build multiple businesses without working nonstop.

Now, I have the honor of being an Inner Circle Coach where I can help YOU find the balance of life while crushing your dreams!



Melissa is top earner in her Network Marketing company leading a team of thousands.

She just moved to Florida with her husband and 2 daughters.   She found Network Marketing in 2014 after coming out of a bout of post-partum depression after having her girls.   When she started to feel better, she wanted something else to focus on while being able to stay home with her children.  After fully understanding the magnitude of what Network Marketing can do for someone, she dove in and learned all that she could. 

t took many years of trial and error and burning out before she saw the power of investing in Coaching.  She was finally able to understand that mindset and systems were her key to truly living the freedom Network Marketing can provide.  She is passionate about helping others achieve their goals, help identify and squash limiting beliefs and setting DMOs that can help set anyone up for success.



Leigh is the mom of one.  She is an Air Force veteran with a background in entertainment, customer care & marketing. She has recuperated from a spinal fusion in 2015 after she moved to Utah. Direct selling came into her life after a kitchen conversation with God. She has found her passion for helping others find success and confidence through mentorship. She loves building her business around the adventure of homeschooling, brining an enthusiastic energy to mindset, coaching and solution finding.

cassandra2 (1).jpg


Cassandra s a high energy, dedicated coach that lives in Ontario Canada with her husband and two teenage children.

Her passion has always been to help others, first starting in the nutritional health industry, then progressing into physical fitness and building a strong coaching and massage practice

Ultimately Cassandra’s passions culminated in her growth as a coach that encompasses all of the accumulated knowledge she has gained through striving to help others be their best self.

These industries turned Cassandra on to the opportunities of MLM where she could not only help provide her clients with phenomenal products but also an amazing opportunity to earn extra income at home. Soon after she hired her very own coach from within the Higdon Inner Circle and a couple months in hiring Ray Higdon personally. This gave her the abilities, skills and passion to duplicate herself through others, and once again help herself and others attain their goals; as well as multiple 6 figure incomes through the MLM vehicle.

Today she spends her days not only building a successful MLM business, But also helping her coaching clients to navigate and find the root causes to what holds them back in life and business. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually she steps in with compassion and laser focus to help you with your goals.

She is honoured to be a part of the Ray Higdon Inner Circle of coaches and looks forward to helping you achieve your best!

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